"I have 4 kids who participate.  The interaction from child to child is nearly as gratifying to see as it is  all the high school and college players that attend.  They all group  and yell "Teammates" which sends a strong message-all are equal."


" Logan had so much fun and was full of such joy at the chance to play football.  He's been parading around the neighborhood in his jersey and flags boasting how he " saved the team" with his capture of the flag in the last play.  He's never had the confidence to play sports of any kind.  It's been wonderful to see his anxieties and uncertainties of the game whittle away after each practice and getting replaced with happiness from having fun.  I am so thankful for all that you do."


"I love the opportunity that my son, Cody has been given in playing flag football with "Coach Gary"  these past couple of years.  Gary believes in Cody, encourages, teaches and just has fun on the field with everyone as he calls each one out by name!  Gary provided a team that Cody could play on, and he didn't let Cody's Autism hold him back.  I love the fact that Gary gives all children a chance to play and that my 16 year old son, Austin and many of his high school friends are so excited and committed to coaching and coming alongside these kids!  Its pretty cool when Cody can show his brother and his friends what a stance is,  how to throw and catch a ball, and if he takes a flag off a player not holding a football, it just doesn't matter!  It has given Cody a confidence that he can participate and understand the sport that is so important to his brother and now all of us as a family.

Thank you Gary for making a difference in not only Cody's life, but for us as an entire family, as we watch our children and cheer them on together!"

Matt and Glori